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Our Clinic – Canaan Health Providers

About Canaan Health Providers Limited

Providing affordable, quality and caring medical care to clients of all ages in Kenya and East Africa.

Canaan Health Providers Limited is a registered private medical practice established in Nairobi in 1983, to offer exceptional, complete and caring medical care to you and your family at affordable rates.

We offer you quality, personal general and specialist medical care in both outpatient and inpatient settings. We are equipped and ready to serve you when you come to us either through your company’s credit medical insurance scheme or as a cash paying individual. We also endeavor to be an exemplary point of reference of health information to our clients. To offer free medication to clients with TB, HIV & Aids by working closely with like minded organizations such as GoldStar international and other relevant care givers.


At Canaan Health Providers, the primary care physician is a partner with the patient in addressing their medical needs. In addition to your primary care physician, you and your family have access to our entire team of specialists.
Our Physicians have a wealth of experience among them and provide convenient, service-focused attention to our patients.

Each was selected to join Canaan Health Providers based on their good character and reputation for practicing high quality medicine. Our Nurses are registered nurses (RNs) and have advanced education, training and skills in a health care specialty. At Canaan Health Providers, the patient, the physician and the nurses collaborate as a team in meeting a patient’s medical

Surgical Procedures

We have a minor theatre onsite that is equipped to handle minor surgeries, like treating minor fractures, removal of minor growths, cysts, biopsies, circumcisions etc.

Onsite Diagnostic Laboratory

We provide Laboratory diagnostic services that assist the physician in pinpointing the cause of your ailment. Our onsite facility offers the following services.
– Biochemistry
– Parasitology
– Haematology
– Cereology